Who We Are

4D Associates International is comprised of professional trainers, coaches, entrepreneurs, business executives, and educators with vast experiences throughout a variety of professional endeavors. Our Associates have unique personal backgrounds and distinct professional qualifications within the broad field of individual and group training, coaching and consulting. They each possess significant capacities to challenge learning, inspire character and evoke the highest degrees of personal effectiveness and leadership from our clients.

4D Associates is an organization grounded in the values of honesty, integrity, respect, cooperation, equity, equality, justice, courage, fidelity, leadership, and service. We are committed to internally operating from the highest standards of professional practice. As part of the services we provide our clients, we are equally rigorous in clarifying and enhancing the ethical standards by which our clients operate as well, both internally and externally. This intention forms an important foundation for all elements of our custom designed 4D Curriculums as well as a platform through which every program we provide becomes a recipe for sustained growth and long-term success.