The 4D Relationship Model

A key premise of the 4D Relationship Model™ is that any relationship, regardless of its purpose or nature (personal, professional, social, casual, etc.), follows a simple yet critical flow from its it inception through every moment of its existence and that for most relationships, the true potential is never fully realized nor experienced by each individual. This is primarily due to very specific forms of individual and collective blindness, misunderstandings and dysfunctional behaviors. The 4D Relationship Model™ is designed as a very precise way to illuminate the sources of these persistent relational blind-spots and perceptual breakdowns as well as create unique and productive methods for moving any relationship towards its most au-thentically rewarding and productive possibilities. The 4D Relationship Model™ is simply defined as follows...

Dimension One - CONTACT

All relationships begin and are perpetuated through multiple forms of con-tact or connections between individuals. Some forms of contact are obvious (you speak, I listen), but most forms, including those that significantly influence the foundation of a relationship, are assumed or taken for granted by each individual. When a relationship operates at a low level of effectiveness, the people within it tend to mistakenly focus on the wrong forms of contact. We train and coach our clients how to fully appreciate the vast elements of this dimension as well as learn new processes for positively expanding their influence, impact, consistency and rapport within all of their key relationships.

Dimension Two - AGREEMENT

Immediately upon the occurrence of contact between people some form of agreement takes place, though in most cases initial agreements are assumed, unspoken and even unconscious, which means they're not actually agreements but rather assumptions or expectations. Like with contact, the agreement dimension occurs in many forms and is influenced based on many different motivations and desires. When any form of agreement (assumption / expectation) is not satisfied the doors are opened for the third more challenging dimension of relationships… conflict. We develop our clients capacity to master the art of ethical change-making including specific strategies that lead to a solid relational foundation of equitable agreements.

Dimension Three - CONFLICT

For most people the word "conflict" alone is enough to spark negative interpretations and/or emotions. Yet ironically, the healthiest relationships whether in a personal, professional or social context are usually those in which healthy conflict is recognized as normal and even necessary. We enhance our clients ability to recognize the tremendous effect that conflict has within their own relationships and utilize the unique growth potential available through conflict by using distinct methodologies for navigating, managing and resolving conflict in healthy, functional and sustainable ways.

Dimension Four - PARTNERSHIP

The fourth dimension of relationships exists in direct correlation to the consistent successes of the first three dimensions though the most unique characteristic of partnership is that is seldom fully realized. True partnership is the pure potential of any relationship, whether between a manager and an individual contributor, an account rep and a customer as well as between spouses or among parents and their children. Every relationship holds the potential for partnership, which is distinct through elements of synergy, abundance, honesty and integrity and which ebbs and flows through the experiences of upset to empathy, indifference to reverence, uncertainty to empowerment and fear to joy. Yet most people do not self-identify as having true partnerships with key people in their personal, professional and social lives. They instead report simply existing in or surviving through their relationships with relatively low levels of these important elements and experiences. Our work is primarily focused on changing this reality for our clients by designing and delivering unique personal and professional development initiatives that lead them to manifesting their grandest vision for themselves, the people in their lives and the organizations they make up.