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4D Associates International
Transforming Relationships To Grow Your Business

4D Associates International recognizes the growing demand for high quality Professional and Organizational Development (OD) initiatives offering specific methodologies and techniques that produce measurable and sustainable results for organizations of all sizes. Traditional OD, however, is based on an old world paradigm that is primarily top-down... the belief that what is good for the company will eventually be good for the employees.

4D Associates draws upon a different philosophy, recognizing that an organization's greatest potential is always in direct proportion to the personal and professional fulfillment of the individuals they employ. We expand traditional OD methodologies by first focusing on the critical foundations of individual competency and effectiveness combined with small group achievement. When employees and managers at all levels experience high degrees of personal growth, creative autonomy, emotional satisfaction and self-actualization their personal mission becomes synchronized with their company's mission and they in turn forward their organization towards achieving its highest levels of productivity, efficiency and profitability sparking new contributions to society as well unique global innovations. The formula for organizational significance is simple...

... but it is often not easy. 4D Associates designs and delivers dynamic curriculums using customized, experiential-based models of delivery that addresses the specific mission, purpose and goals of our organizational clients as well as the unique make-up of each key individual at all levels within. The core framework for our curriculums is based on a proprietary model for human development entitled, 4 Dimensional Relationships™.